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Clinical and scientific evidence support that a normal lateral dimension of the human spine is an essential component to optimal health. While many doctors today focus only on symptomatic relief, at Andover Spine Center the focus is in actual correction of spinal / postural misalignments. The corrections that are achieved are shown by comparing pre and post X-rays.

Dr CondonDr. Christopher R. Condon received his Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C.) degree from the world's largest chiropractic school, Life University in Marietta, Georgia.  Dr. Condon was an active member of the school's study club, Chiropractic Biophysics (CBP) and was an author of several articles on healthcare. Dr. Condon was the Editor-in-Chief of the university's school newspaper, the Elan Vital.  While editor, Dr. Condon authored dozens of articles covering topics ranging from the study of various techniques to nutrition and exercise. Furthermore, also while a student, Dr. Condon used his experiences in patient education to publish an instructional manual for his fellow classmates in examining methods for better practice management and communication techniques.  Due to clinical excellence, he was able to complete his clinical rounds while still in school, one year ahead of schedule. 

In June, 2000, Dr. Condon opened his first office, Andover Spine Center.  Currently he is the owner and director of the clinic and is the chief doctor in the office completing thousands of patient examinations, x-rays and office visits, personally, every year since the opening of the clinic.  By 2004, Dr. Condon had established himself as one of the busiest chiropractic physicians in the Merrimack Valley and one of only approximately 15% of all practicing chiropractors, to specialize in non-surgical spinal corrective care.  Eliminating scoliosis, hump-back deformities, forward head carriage, etc., are the hallmark skills Dr. Condon offers his patients.  Also, as a dedicated and enthusiastic fitness consultant, Dr. Condon uses his own experiences in athletics and bodybuilding to teach patients how to exercise and eat properly to enhance their spinal corrective care.

Dr. Condon's corrective care techniques have changed the lives of hundreds of patients—including some who come from across the globe to experience the miracle of non-surgical spinal correction.  In just over four years of private practice, Dr. Condon has been responsible for eliminating more than just headaches, neck pain and back pain.  Patients with the most severe, debilitating disc herniations, sciatica, migraines, tremors/seizures, hump-back deformities, etc., have been freed from pain and discomfort and made much healthier.  Some patients became free of such conditions such as insomnia, constipation, infertility and depression to name a few.  The special, targeted approach to spinal rehabilitation and increasing nerve-conduction has helped create the miracles of life that Dr. Condon believes are the destiny of all people.

Dr. Condon is a member of the American Chiropractic Association, International Chiropractic Association, Massachusetts Chiropractic Society, Massachusetts Society for Chiropractic Philosophy, Merrimack Valley Chamber of Commerce,  and National Vaccine Information Center.

Professional musicians like the Monkees and athletes such as Felix Potvin of the Boston Bruins have sought out Dr. Condon's care for optimum health and performance.  See why they and others have begun to incorporate chiropractic care into their lifestyle by seeking out the highly regarded hands-on techniques offered by Dr. Condon at Andover Spine Center.

Dr. Condon invites you to stop by his office for free information about chiropractic care.

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