Here's what some of our patients have to say:

"I have been coming to Andover Spine Center for about six months for lower back pain that I'd had for over two years. I can't believe how good I feel and how energized and happy I am.  My decision to get my spine checked has been life changing and next to marrying my husband it's been the best decision of my life. I want everyone I meet to have a healthy spine.- J. Brito 

"I came to Andover Spine Center for neck and back pain. As a massage therapist I want to be sure to take care of my spine which enables me to continue with my own career. I now have less pain and more mobility and recommend Andover Spine Center to achieve better health".  - M. Amador

"I started care at Andover Spine Center for neck pain and headaches and upper back pain. I now have very few headaches and much less tension and stress in my shoulders and my neck and back are much better. I have learned so much from Dr. Chris and he has impacted my life so positively". -R. Erwin

"Without Dr. Condon's care I would be in constant pain and taking medication. With regular adjustments my results have been excellent."- S. Serewicz

"People say I look much taller! I recommend chiropractic for improved posture and to avoid illness and injury."- L. Smith

"Dr. Condon recommended spinal correction for the abnormal curves and compressed discs in my spine. The treatment lasted about 2-3 months and now my posture and alignment are much better and I'm less prone to injuring my back". - C. Bruderer

"The tingling in my left arm and developing hump-back are completely corrected. I recommend chiropractic to my friends and family."- J. Hannon

"The intensity and duration of my migraines have lessened. Chiropractic is non-invasive, the results are positive and quick, and is makes sense!"- K. Grazianio

"I came to Andover Spine Center with low back pain and feel much better without having to take medication."
- N. Mena

"After being under chiropractic care for over a year I now have no back pain or pain in my legs and feet. I used to get sick all the time and now I haven't had a cold or flu since I started. My husband didn't believe it at first but now he's seeing Dr. Condon too for his shoulder pain. We now understand how chiropractic and a healthy spine keep us healthy". -A. Ju

I had severe neck and lower back pain and tried the pain center, physical therapy and cortisone injections. Then, I finally tried Andover Spine Center—remarkable results!” - Susan B.