This miracle of life is what Chiropractors,
 and other mind-body health experts,

Your Innate Intelligence is responsible for your health, healing, and function all the time. Your Intelligence flows over your mind-body connection, keeps you alive and is constantly striving to move you toward your inborn human potential.

Innate Intelligence and Human Potential are normal as long as there is no interference. As Chiropractors we detect and correct the spinal / postural misalignments that cause such interference...without the use of dangerous drugs or surgical procedures.

Look at What Your Body Can Do

The human brain has the storage capacity of 100 trillion bits of information over the course of 70 years, equal to 500,000 sets of the Encyclopedia Britannica, which stacked would reach 442 miles high.

Breathing one pint of air 17 times a minute, we take in 78 million gallons in an average life span, enough to fill the Hindenburg airship one and a half times.

You have 45 miles of nerves in your body that sends impulses as rapidly as 325 miles per hour. Your brain and your body communicate instantly.

8,000,000 new red blood cells are produced in the bone marrow every second.

2,100 gallons of blood are pumped through 62,000 miles of blood vessels in a day.

Your heart pumps enough blood in an average lifetime to fill the fuel tanks of 56 moon rockets.

-Life Magazine, Jan 1997

The Mind Body Connection

Your nerve system is your mind body connection. It must be kept healthy and free from interference for you to have any chance of achieving your full potential.

"Look well to the spine for the cause of disease." -Hippocrates

"Scientists have discovered the first evidence of an anatomical connection between the nerve system and the immune system." - New York Times, May 1993

"When we took the nerves away from the immune system, we virtually stopped the immune response in its tracks." -Healing and the Mind, Bill Moyers

"All disease results from an interruption to the flow of intelligence." -Deepak Chopra, MD

"When the spine is injured, neurons die in a domino effect." -Life Magazine, January 1997

Spinal / postural misalignments which cause interference to the immune system are a major cause of dis-ease in the body and are a major cause of sickness on every level.

The Mind Body Connection is the Core of the Wellness Movement

"The focus of science has shifted from separate entities of the immune system to an interactive immunology model. In the neural-immune concept, the brain has specific pathways to the immune system." -The Lancet, January 14, 1995

"The chiropractic group had 200% greater immune-competence than people who had not received chiropractic care, and 400 percent greater immune-competence than people with cancer or other serious diseases. Surprisingly, despite a wide range of ages in this study, the immune-competence did not show any decline with age--it was uniform for the entire group. Chiropractic may optimize whatever genetic abilities you have." -Dr. Ronald Pero, Ph.D.

"Athletes who received chiropractic care during their training were compared to athletes who did not receive chiropractic care. The athletes who were not under chiropractic care showed a 4.5% improvement in six weeks. The group receiving chiropractic care showed a 10.7 improvement." -Dr. Anthony Lauro, DC

Ongoing chiropractic care is necessary for you to be as healthy as possible and reach your full health potential.